Healing emotional wounds, whether due to low sense of self-worth, loss of a loved one, life transitions, or childhood trauma, can seem like a scary process. Often, depressed mood, anxious distress, irritability and grief can begin to manifest themselves physically in the form of muscle tension, headaches, nausea, and rapid heart beat. And, no matter how much one tries to "get over it" and think positive, those negative and worrying thoughts continue to creep in, impairing sleep, one's social life and ability to complete day-to-day tasks.  


The good news is that you don't have to remain feeling stuck or as if you're drowning.  The first step in the healing process is to recognize the need for change and seek out the help. Through the therapeutic process, you will heal emotionally and evolve into becoming an empowered you.


If you're ready to start healing and enjoy life again, you came to the right place.


Brief Counseling

* 20-30 min/session (up to 4 sessions)


Sessions are held every 2-3 weeks and are geared to assist those experiencing situational distress and who may not be ready to commit to weekly individual therapy. 

Individual Therapy

* 50 min/session


Weekly one-on-one therapy sessions for those experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of low sense of self-worth, depression, anxiety, anger, grief and/or trauma.

Family Support Services

* 50 min/session


For family members, caregivers and loved ones of people living with Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders.



* Servicios Disponibles en Español *